This Might Be Another Exciting Winter for Real Estate

Like many industries, real estate is often seasonal. Generally, spring is the season for selling homes. The number of homes sold during the spring season is often greater than other times throughout the year. Once cooler weather sets in and the holidays roll around, the number of homes listed and actively looking buyers tends to drop off. 

However, as we all know, things haven’t been “typical” in any sense of the word for a few years – including real estate. Last year, this real estate seasonality didn’t occur. The pandemic pushed sales back, and there was an increase in fall and winter home sales. This increase was only hindered by the number of homes for sale in Des Moines. So, what is this winter going to look like in the real estate market?

Winter Real Estate 2021/2022

While some experts believed we’d return to real estate’s normal seasonal trends this winter, current data shows this will not occur. Buyer demand is still strong, and it looks like we may soon see an increase in the number of homes entering the market. While the number of monthly showings nationally has dropped off slightly from this time last year, it remains drastically higher than the three years prior. New research also shows that sellers are not going to wait to list their homes in the spring. Many have or are about to take steps to list their home now. 

This means, if you’re thinking about buying or selling this year, it’s time to reach out to a real estate professional. There is no reason to wait until the spring. Your time could be now.